The Civil Aviation Training Center (CATC-Manila) is the training arm of CAAP. It was established in March 1978 through the joint efforts of the Philippine government and the UNDP/ICAO.

Its primary objectives are to:

• Develop and transfer aviation technology
• Promote sharing of technical resources and skills
• Facilitate inter-country technical cooperation
• Create an essential training capability

Under the agreement reached by all the Directors of Civil Aviation from the Asia-Pacific Region, the Center provides on a regional basis the advanced training courses in the areas of management, instruction and other aviation disciplines. The national courses in the fields of air traffic control, airways communications and air navigation facilities maintenance are programmed to meet the training requirements of Philippine civil aviation.

The CATC staff are drawn from senior operations and management groups who have gained expertise and training in instructional techniques at the FAA (USA), Thailand, U.K., Canada, Japan and other overseas institutions of learning. Lecturers from prominent universities in the Philippines and from known consultancy firms are also invited as resource speakers in some of the courses conducted by the center.

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