Under the Philippine Aviation Regulation Part 13 the owner, operator or pilot-in-command of the aircraft must report to the AAIIB when either one of the following happens:

a) an aircraft accident or incident occurs in the Republic of the Philippines; or
b) outside Republic of the Philippines involving a Republic of the Philippines aircraft or an aircraft operated by a Republic of the Philippines operator.

In case of occurrence in very remote area without aircrew survivors, anybody with the direct knowledge of the occurrence shall report immediately using the m odes below.

When notifying the AAIIB, the owner, operator or pilot-in-command shall provide all the information listed in PCAR Part 13 or contained in the Aircraft Accident/Incident Immediate Notification Form.

Modes of communication for notification.

 Contact AAIIB

Mobile:             +63908 864 1843
24/7 Hotline:   
+632 944 2030