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pdf.pngC17-101-10 Supply and Delivery of Controller's Chairs for ATS Offices and Facilities
pdf.pngC17-102-10 Supply and Delivery of Various Materials for the Rehabilitation of COA office located ar 2/F CAAP Admin. Bldg.
pdf.pngC17-103-10 Supply and Delivery of Biometric Device
pdf.pngC17-104-10 Declogging, siphoning and manual cleaning of Septic Tank for the whole CATC premises
pdf.pngC17-105-10 Supply and Delivery of Water Dispenser for CATC
pdf.pngC17-106-10 Heavy Duty Handheld Barcode Scanning Equipment
pdf.pngC17-107-10 Purchase of GPS Battery Pack and Update of Navigation Data Database and Airport Directory Database for Flight Aircraft CESSNA U206F (RP-178)
pdf.pngC17-108-11 Purchase of Janitorial Tools/Carts and Bathroom/Toilet Accesories for the use at New ATMC Building
pdf.pngC17-109-11 Supply and Delivery of Three (3) sets of 8 Channel Voice Logging System
pdf.pngC17-110-11 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV Surveillance at Laoag International Airport
pdf.pngC17-111-11 Purchse of Recreational Facility Equipment (Treadmill) for the use of CATC
pdf.pngC17-112-11 Purchase of Zebra ZXP Series 8 Consumables for the use of Aeromedical Licensing
pdf.pngC17-115-11 Supply, Delivery and Installation of DNS Appliance