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Director General's Thanksgiving Message

There are three (3) words that can characterize our feeling of elation, pride and joy as we hold our thanksgiving celebration for our accomplishments that finally unburdened Philippine civil aviation from all the sanctions and restrictions that it has endured over the past six (6) years.

EU Announces Lifting of the Air ban for Philippines Airlines

The European Commission has updated today for the 21st time the European list of airlines subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union, better known as "the EU air safety list". Following improvements in the safety situation in the Philippines, Philippine Airlines is the first airline from this country allowed back into European skies since 2010.


Updates and Announcements

New Issuances

- New Bid Bulletin and Request for Price Quotations (December 11, 2014)  click here
- 9th CATS Course Examinees for Training  click here
- CATC Courses Schedule for CY 2014 - click here

Aircraft Accident Investigation and Inquiry Board

Investigation Reports Date Updated: November 2014

English Language Proficiency Results

ELP Results: Updated December 03, 2014 click here
ELP Certificates ready for Pick-up up to: November 27, 2014
Last ELP Testing for 2014: December 16, 2014
ELP Archive Results: 2013 :: 2012

Dangerous Goods Accreditation

To: All AOC Holders, Shippers, Cargo Agencies, Freight Forwarders, Ground Handling Service Providers AMOs and ATOs.                                                   

Approved Training Organizations

Date Update: August 2014
• List of Flying Schools and Maintenance Schools click here

Airmen Written Exam: Certificate of Release

Date Updated: February 2014
List of Certificate of Release click here  

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